Youth Sunday School (Grades 6th- 12th) meets with our Youth Director, Patrick, in the Youth Lounge immediately following the conclusion of our 10:30 AM service. 


This is what our Youth Director, Patrick, has to say about our youth program!:

A group of young individuals, from grades 6 -12, understanding who they are and getting to know how their faith can inspire them selves and the community. We hold Sunday classes and Thursday night sessions to help talk about how their faith coincides with their daily lives. We also explore the unique gifts that every youth has by raising them up through art projects, participating in the music ministries, and other service events. We wish to always ignite the light that is within every young individual and love them for who they are!


Our Youth Group also meets for Thursday Church Night in the Fellowship Hall every Thursday evening from 6:00-8:00 PM.



Our Youth Group has been interested in becoming Christ's advocates for racial equality and, in 2020, successfully fundraised for the Minnesota UMC "Just Love" Campaign.